The Beginning

Carine and Robert met under a microscope in plant morphology course at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!). The first garden they planted together was in the backyard of Robert’s house. They moved to the Capay Valley in 2015 to start Sun Tracker Farm.


Robert Hines

Robert is a Bay Area native from Redwood City and an alum of the UCSC CASFS apprenticeship. In college, Robert’s love for plants led to a passion for farming, sustainable food, and social justice. This interest led him to many adventures working in farms everywhere from Oakland, CA to Oaxaca, Mexico…only to come full circle in the Capay Valley.


Carine Hines

Carine is a third generation farmer, who grew up to the singing of plants on her family’s farm in Southwestern France and her father’s California native plant nursery in Central California. She received her PhD from UC Berkeley in Plant Biology in 2017. Currently, she also works as a Postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis studying the circadian clock in sunflowers (how fitting).

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Albie Hines

In December 2017, Carine and Robert welcomed their son Albie Levon Hines to the Sun Tracker Farm family. You can follow all his “helpful” contributions to the farm on Sun Tracker Farm’s Instagram page.



No farm is complete without a couple farm dogs. Akuna is the farm’s Heeler/Hound mix who can outrun any jack rabbit and protects the farm.



Inyo is a big black pup whose main job is to babysit his best friend Albie.